Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Ride

Nothing worse than picking up New Kayak on a Monday and not being able to get it into the water until the following Tuesday, talk about a tease,  Julie was getting pretty tired of me spending time in the garage just looking at it. 

Didn't think I would be able to get out but the kids ended up having plans at friends and Julie was working, hmmm what should I do,  how about strap this thing to the truck and hit the water.   Was a little interesting trying to get the Kayak onto my truck by myself, ended up having to lie it across the bed of my truck sideways then get onto truck bed and lift onto the roof, reverse when I get there.  Must be a better way, hmmm may have to build something....

Went to Holland River for a test drive, put in and started paddling towards Lake Simcoe,  boat rides so smooth and fast,  ok, was empty so doing 8km/h empty with no wind isn't probably breaking any speed limits, it was so nice to just get out, new paddle works amazingly as well, overall I am very happy with my new Kayak and can't wait for an extended trip.

Got about an hour into it and Julie finished work early,  decided to turn back and take a ride up to MEC and see if we could find her a kayak. Packed everything up and headed home. 

When we got back from MEC, Julie was laughing at me,  spent the next hour waxing and polishing the water spots off my Kayak.  At this point she is just shaking her head, she didn't say much though because I did finish painting the back deck before going kayaking. 

The background picture on this blog was the first picture I took while out on Holland River in the Yak.

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