Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Ink

For years I have been wanting to get a tatoo but could never find anything I liked enough or had any meaning so just never got around to it.  Finally found one that I liked and seeing as Julie has been "bugging" me for awhile to get one, just made sense.   

This is my new tattoo on the left arm, Kayaker, though it was pretty cool looking, while I would like to take credit for the design, alas, I stole the idea and hope the original owner doesn't have an issue with it or some sort of weird copyright issue.  It's actually a company logo (part of it) but not in Canada so not like getting a pepsi logo or anything, nobody knows unless I tell them.  In the end the company gets some free advertising.

Why this one?  Well,  I have a pipe dream for what I have termed the "Ultimate Kayak Trip" and requires about a 8 months,  definitely not feasible at the moment given personal life with kids, Julie and work,  kids will eventually goto university, work can be dealt with eventually and one thing about Julie is she is very supportive when it comes to the things I do (can't ask for better than that)  who knows maybe she will come with me.  So this tatoo is a reminder of that trip and one day have the means to actually do it,  all begins with a simple concept and seeing as I have permanately inked the idea on my arm, well...  Maybe it will just come true.


  1. love reading you trip blogs...I am from Barrie and would love to do the Trent-Severn like you did...totally recognised your ink, but shh...I won't tell!

  2. LOL, yeah i came across the graphic and just liked it, manhattan kayak company logo, figured it was far enough away that i could get away with it, not like i went with pepsi logo that is instantly recognized.

    Glad you enjoy following

  3. Well at least I didn't spill the did! Lol. It is a cool tat though. They did a great job.