Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gear Update - Lighting

Went camping this last weekend and my trust headlamp appears to be defective.  I was using the Princeton Tec Fuel headlamp which is 70 lumen.  Light has been amazing the last 3 years and sad to see it go,  just seems to be some sort of short where the light won't always come on and then any adjustment causes it to shut off.   Time for a new one, and if you have been following along the last 3 years, you know I like gadgets, off to MEC I go...

Petzl MYO RXP Headlamp

Doesn't have the same battery life as my Fuel but I am ok with 50-100 hours on a set of batteries especially with the fact that this bad boy pumps out 160 lumen 77 meters on high and 97 with boost activated,  it also comes with two beam modes,  spot vs wide angle, wide angle is nice because it sprays the light in a nice pattern.   It is bigger in size though because the battery pack (4AA) is attached at the back, comfortable to wear, just takes up more space when packed. Not a big deal for me.


Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

I had a cool little lantern called the Guyot Design Firefly, basically a light that turns your nalgene into a lantern,  great idea but just lacks the light intensity to be useful for anything,  probably the only gear I have bought that didn't live up to my own expectations.  For the last 3 years I have been using a combination of headlamp and flashlight for lighting up the tent at night,  works well but do prefer something more suited,  picked up the Black Diamond Apollo lantern,  throws off 70 lumen on high and has a dimmer switch,  It can be hung from the tent or has these legs that pop out and makes it stand on it's own, like the Apollo moon lander, which is probably where it got its name.  Takes 4AA batteries and according to the spec you get 60 hours,  assume that is on low power though.  Haven't tried it yet in a real situation but should be much better.


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