Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Julie's New Ride

Not wanting to be outdone, Julie picked up her new Kayak from Sail outdoor store. Current Design Vision 150.  Excited that Julie has enjoyed it as much as I have, now we can both go whenever we want, no more relying on rentals and we have the next couple of weekends planned for a couple day trips before our annual kayak trip.

Here would be my assessment, great kayak, has wide front and rear hatches, smart track rudder system, larger cockpit, wider beam for more stability and plenty of room, storage capacity is nice for shorter kayak, if you think 15' is shorter that is and a perfect kayak for Julie.

Here would be Julie's assessment, I like the color because it matches my pink PFD and the seat is comfortable and you can tilt it to support legs.

I also had to build a second kayak lift to put both kayaks up to the ceiling.  Definitely easier the second go around.


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