Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 1 - Jeff

Woke up around 5:30 today, very long work week and guess I was both over tired and excited to start vacation at the same time. Instead of waking Julie up, and having to hear about it all day I decided to get a head start on packing. Truck was packed and ready to go and once Julie dropped off Jade (daughter) at work we hit the road, en route by 930am. Of course, timed it perfect to stop at MEC in Barrie on the way through, can never have enough paddle gear. Got to my mother's in victoria harbour then drove to port severn (after LCBO) to put in the kayaks, my mom was nice enough to bring my truck back to her place. We were on the water by 12:30.

Damn was it hot out, beautiful day and not complaining, just very hot, had to stop for a few swims along the way to cool off. Surprisingly, very little boat traffic and cottagers up for the weekend, gave us lots of empty docks to stop at.

Stopped at Big Chute for the nightn, very short day of paddling but this vacation has no schedule and not worried about timing, when we feel like stopping, stop.

We got camp setup in a nice spot (we thought) and time for a swim, after julie took a power nap in the hammock and I read and drank for a bit. Some idiot walked by and said "you are brave to sleep here, lots of bears". Really dude? Like we can do anything about it, why say anything.
Fast forward, 3am, sounds of animals in the garbage cans rooting for food, camping spot not so nice now, what was I thinking, julie: "what is that?" Jeff: "racoons", julie: "you sure?", jeff: "not about to go look, so yes racoons". Was an on and off again sleep but by morning everything was fine.

Note: ontario hydro has fenced off the swimming area at big chute, such a disappointment, was best area for swimming when I was growing up.

Stupid question of the day, 8pm, french couple asks if it is ok to camp at the chute, uhm no, we just set our tent up for fun and will be going back out soon, of course was nice to her, was just funny. They proceeded to serenade us with a recorder and banjo playing mary had a little lamp, seriously, can't make this crap up.

Perfect first day!

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