Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julie day-5

10am and we are off.....

Who knew a slight breeze would turn into the wind from hell @ 2pm.
We are heading from Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon of our favorite spots.
We bought kayak cushions for our seats and today was the trial for these. They past the test! What a good investment they were.
Well, 3 hours into our day we finally found a spot to get out and stretch our legs...not alot of options on Upper Buckhorn Lake. After our break we headed out on to Pigeon Lake. Cant tell you enough how much i hate this lake. Even on a good day it is bad! Today wast a good day!!!
It took us 3 hours to cross and get to Bobcaygeon! I was grumpy to say the least. Not much fun had today!

I am beginning to question why i am doing this? :(

Did a bit of shopping when we set-up and had dinner and drinks on local patio. A group of 20 somethings came in for beers and were clearly intoxicated. Buddy with the wife beater and short shorts on decided that this was the perfect place to step on a stink bomb. Really? Arghhhhh.

Going to be an early night tonight. We are both beat!!!!!!

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  1. a "real" stink bomb? What, are 12 year olds allowed to run around the Kawarthas unsupervised now?