Monday, July 30, 2012

Kayak Trip - Wrap Up

Arived in Georgian Bay Friday morning, starting off in Victoria Harbour,  put the boat in and was on the water around 11am,  was beautiful and flat calm,  spent most of the day paddling around Southern Georgian Bay area,  Victoria Harbour over to Honey Harbour then back to Port Severn to spend the night at the locks.   By the afternoon the wind picked up and was coming across the bow with 1 meter waves,  my boat just plowed through them and enjoyed a little more than flat water for a change, especially when not paddling directly into it.

As I got to the locks, my best friend was in the lock behind be so he stopped for a chat,  he just picked up his new 40ft Fountain Express Cruiser,  definitely a much nicer ride than my little Kayak,  but a tad more expensive on the Gas too....  

I setup camp met two really nice couples moored at the locks for the night, they were the best people I have met on the trent and we spent the night swapping stories and drinking (they supplied - woohooo) was a great evening all around and stumbled into the tent around 1am. 

Got up the next morning and decided to head back out on the Bay and spend the night at Beausoliel Island,  the wind was pretty strong and the waves were pretty high so didn't want to spend the afternoon fighting waves and wind,  turned across the bay and headed back to Victoria Harbour,  my thinking that after two weeks of being out and about, with all forms of transportation, it was ok to call this trip a day,  get home a night early and take a day off before going back to work.   Was home @4:30,  nice shower, hot meal and comfy bed.  Ahhhhhh.   Plus I missed my travel partner and wasn't the same paddling alone.

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