Monday, July 16, 2012

Julie day-2

Jeff slept in as he was awake all night anticipating a bear attack. Poor guy didnt sleep a wink!
Eggs and bacon and homefries were on the menu...we eat pretty good for 2 people in kayaks. A couple walked by and mentioned..."Wow that looks good, all we had is cereal". Keep on walking by big shot boaters cause you aint getting any! Remember that next time you swamp us!

So hot today we had to get wet before we started. On the water by 1030am.
These first few days are my favorite part of the Trent. The lakes are beautiful...clean water and gorgeous cottages. I would love to buy a place day maybe...hmmmm?

Had lunch @ Severn Bridge. Here we re-stocked our alcohol and stretched our legs. We are both struggling with getting comfortable.
Original plan was to make it to Washago today but heck....we have coolers and rye on ice so we decided to call Swift Rapids home for the night. 2pm done paddling! Plus, calling for thunderstorms so better to be safe right?!

Perfect camp site...on our own private point on edge of water. Only 2 other boats here. One is an old couple from Florida who are doing the loop. Been out since Apr 21...what a life!

Jeff made me a romantic 2nd year Anniversary dinner. Canned mushrooms and a tin of salad with some baby carrots. While we were on the water today i asked where my gift was (kidding of course)...he said he had in his bag and i would get when we stopped for night. Well, dont i feel bad cause i was kidding. "Thats ok" he says "being with you is all i need". Barf..."Not me i want. Present"! Hehehehe
Well, when i called him out on it he kept up the act and went searching for gift....turns out nothing. Sigh:(

Night was amazing...aside from deer flies, no animals to contend generators kept us up...just the 2 of us on our own little private point....couldnt think of a better way to celebrate our annivrsary!

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  1. you should have asked him... in the sweetest voice possible... "WHERE THE HELL IS MY LOOT, YOU JACKHOLE!!!"