Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jeff - Day 6

Today was a solo day for me :( after exhausting day yesterday, and Julie up all night with noise of people throwing up on party boat beside us (stink bomb people from restaurant) and the wind blowing through the tent at 7am, just wasn't meant to be. Called Char to bring my truck and take Julie back. I feel for her, more because she thinks I am disappointed she cut it short, I'm not.

It's both our vacation and only fun if we are both having fun, three high wind days are enough to try the best of us. Tomorrow we switch to motorized water transport for the next week.

I however, decided to paddle home solo, was essentially a repeat of yesterday with more wind for longer period, left lock at 10:30 after my Tim Hortons and seeing Julie off (she was smiling) headed out Bobcaygeon channel with strong wind in the face and 3 foot crashing waves, oh boy this is gonna be interesting, good news is once into pigeon lake wind was off port side and made great time to the bend into Buckhorn lake.

Unfortunately, means wind in the face for next 16km, boy did it blow hard, was ok for first 2 hours but then it gets tiring and stopping just blows you back just as fast. I must say, my kayak was meant for wind and waves, can't believe how well it tracks with the wind coming from any direction, today was 25km wind with 40km gusts and didn't feel need to put rudder down once, just cuts through everything. Also figured out comfortable seat setup so wasn't tired from sitting for 6 hours.

Got back to Oak Bay at 4:30 and basically unpacked the kayak into the boat, julie was waiting on shore with a drink for me and made me yummy dinner. Walk for ice cream and all set to continue vacation on different mode of transportation.

Will still post details to blog and I will get back into kayak towards end of trip when Julie has to go back to work.

Nap time

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  1. this to me does not sound like "time off". More like "time served".