Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 5 - Jeff

Sitting on the edge of a pier typing this as the sun starts to go down over the trees, just finished dinner after a long day paddle (even if only 28km).

Woke up early and started to pack up the kayaks while Julie slept in a bit, eventually she got up to help out but was almost done anyway. Today's destination, Bobcaygeon. Left at 10am and slight breeze behind us, down chamong lake we go, was a beautiful day and calm waters all the way to the halfway point, we needed a break after 3 hours non stop, extra paddle seat helped but still, a long time in the same position. I did let julie use my carbon fibre paddle though, and haven't gotten back and probably won't.

We stopped for a quick break at this run down cottage with warped slanted dock, surprising they managed satellite tv but can't paint the house. Then headed over to the christian camp as they have a store, I got ice cream and then proceeded to drop on pavement, 5 second rule but gave up after it felt like I was licking sand paper and chewing rocks.

Now the fun part (for me) we headed down pigeon lake which Julie hates on the best of days and bam, strong wind right in the face, I feel so sorry for her, my longer kayak plows right through and the extra strength I have makes it a breeze, I could tell she was struggling and wasn't having fun. After 3 more hours we made it to the locks and quickly setup camp, swim and change of clothes.

Off to shopping (now know why julie left bags at home, room to shop) then dinner where some dolt set off a stink bomb on patio.

Current plan is Fenelon Falls tomorrow night.

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