Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 3 - Jeff

Slept through the night with no sound of animals or generators, beautiful morning but looks a little windy out. Oh well.

After our standard fare breakfast, we pack up and head out, back the way we came, time to head to Buckhorn. Big Chute is about a 3 hour paddle from swift rapids and severn falls sits at the hour mark, just couldn't get comfortable and sitting for hours is tough when your ass hurts. The wind was picking up and we stopped at severn falls for a break and a drink.

The rest of the trip to Big Chute was an exercise in how slow you can go directly into the wind and how many times the wind will actually change direction to be directly in your face. Was a slog to Big Chute but nothing crazy, nice protected rivers and small lakes. Took an ice cream break.

Was only 2:30 so decided to head back to port severn instead of staying with the racoons, as we exited the railway wind was blowing strong into our face, told Julie we have about 2 km then we go the opposite way so wind will be at our backs, she didn't believe me but local knowledge helps, the old lady who yelled out, it's rough out there didn't help the situation. As we came out into glouchester pool, wind was fierce and waves picked up, our little boats sliced through the waves like butter but I know Julie hates rough water and I'm thinking to self, damn, we haven't hit the open spot yet.

Once we turned the corner it was perfect, yes, waves were on the large side but wind was behind or from the side so easy paddling. Did a little wave surfing and made great time. Got to Port Severn at around 5 and waited for my mother to come with my truck. Good time to have dinner on patio restaurant overlooking locks.

Dinner done and we were on the road by 7:30 after dropping off my mother and making a stop to get padded seat from local kayak shop, hopefully will help with the comfort factor.

Got to Buckhorn at 10, shower and a real bed for the night. Great day.

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