Sunday, July 15, 2012

Julie Day-1

Hard to believe its been a year since our last trip...even harder to believe im doing this for a 3rd year in a row! And, i bought my own kayak! Who would have thought?!

We put our boats in the water @ friends of Jeff's family in Port Severn and started our adventure @ 1230pm. What a hot day...less then an hour into our paddle we found a dock and went for a swim. Some of us kept our clothes on others did not ;)

This year we have decided to enjoy and relax on our trip. No pressure on getting to the end of the Trent as we have already done it. More time will be spent relaxing and just spending time together. Thats what its all about after all.

So, after 3 hours paddling we called it a day @ Big Chute. Set up camp, had some drinks and swim and watched the Chinese people catch sunfish...ewww!

Some guy walks by and says "you guys are brave camping here with all the bears around". Really buddy?! Did ya have to say that? So, at 330am when we heard animals rummaging through the garbage which we cleverly set up beside, we were a little nervous to say the least! Turns out they were raccoons. But still...made for a very unsettling night!

First few days are always the hardest with getting comfortable in the seat. Note to self.....the day before you leave on kayak trip, dont do 400m walking lunges at Crossfit! I can hardly get out of my boat!

All in all a great 1st day on the water with my Man!

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