Monday, July 16, 2012

Jeff - Day 2

After restless night with the racoons making noise, slept in until about 9, lazy vacation days are brilliant. Got up and did our typical morning routine, I make breakfast, julie packs up camp, I so get the good end of this deal, although eggs, bacon and homefries aren't a bad way to start the day either. On the water by 10:30, plan is to spend the night in washago at the couchiching lock.

Such a gorgeous day to be on the water, the area between big chute and swift rapids is one of the nicest on the trent, not filled with mansions, quaint beautiful cottages and just nice to slowly paddle by. Power boats are still an issue and have no concept of slowing down regardless of how close you are to them, you get used to it after 4 years but still a pain in the ass.

Stopped at severn falls for lunch and drinks and just relaxed on the patio for an hour or two, forecast was calling for thunderstorms so we decided to call swift rapids home for the night, a lazy 13km day.

Swift rapids is one of my favorite places to camp, secluded and private, had a nice spot on the point overlooking the lake, spent afternoon swimming and drinking, me a little more than julie, the drinking that is. Was an early night. Was also our 2nd anniversary, can't think of any better way to spend it. Xoxoxo.

Then... We started talking about couchiching/simcoe and how they were necessary evils to get to fenlon falls, bobcageon and buckhorn, talked about maybe getting a ride around, hmmm let's go back to ports severn, put yaks on truck, goto buckhorn and continue from there. Plan is hatched.

We may also most likely switch to boat for second week and go the other way to cambelford, I have an urge for chocolate.

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