Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Julie day-4

Ahhhhh...what a diference a good nights sleep makes!
Up early so i can squeeze in a run before we head out on the water. While on my run i notice the wind is stronger today then yesterday and it will be blowing straight into our faces! Hmmm...time to reconsider?

Jeff has kayaks all polished and clean when i get back...and is eager to start. After breakfast i convinced him into taking a day off and not killing ourselves today. It is after all a holiday! Soooo...off to Peterborough to outdoor store and kayak store where he finally found a book that hes been searching for..."Canoe Paddles...complete guide to making your own". hes is in his happy place now!

Lazy lazy day back at the beach. Really way to hot to do anything!
One thing for sure...we are well rested and well fed for our paddling to resume tomorrow. Thank you Chris and Char for the shower, bed and delicious meals. You guys ROCK xoxo.
Until tomorow.......

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