Thursday, July 19, 2012

Julie Day-6

Im not a "stick in the mud", but 5 am is too late to still be partying from the night before!
I probably got an hour of sleep between the pounding music, the shouting, the puking in the lake (several times), and the jumping in the lake (thats just gross). I kept listening for cries of help thinking some drunk idiot was going to drown! Arghhhhhh!

I was physically and mentally exhausted when morning came. Jeff slept through it all (how does he do that)? The wind is blowing and i know i dont have what it takes today to repeat yesterdays battle into the wind!

In my 13 years of Triathlon racing i only DNF'd once...and thats because officials pulled me off the course because i had hypothermia!
Im not a quitter! Which is why today was a hard decision to make. I felt like i was quitting on Jeff and disappointing him. Im glad he paddled on without me.
My sister-in-law Charlene came and rescued me and back to Buckhorn via truck for me :)

I think i was back at resort for 15 mins before i was ready to go for a run. This is what i LOVE to do. I was back in my "happy place" again.

Stocked up Pontoon boat with drinks and made dinner for Jeff and Charlene.

Tomorrow our boat has a motor...Life is Good!!!

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