Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jeff - Day 4

Got up after nice sleep (not on ground) and cleaned kayaks while Julie went for a run, was very windy and calling for temps in the 40's, figured best day would be sitting on the beach with cold drinks was in order.

Took a trip into peterborough to wash the pine sap off my truck but really, was more for julie to go shopping, because she didn't have enough selection at the local flea market after her run. I ended up finding a book I had been looking for on making canoe paddles (more for the design templates included) and so spent afternoon in shade reading and napping.

Was very hot day and glad we didn't spend it all on the water, would have been torture, did throw the yak into the water for a ride later in the day and was still windy, made a good call.

Dinner with julie's family, ok all the girls and just me, thanks for ditching me Chris although you left me in good hands and dinner was yummy.

Thanks Chris and Char for the hospitality and one of the nicest places around to take a day off. Oh btw, you left the outside bathroom door open and racoons got into the garbage, I cleaned up ;)

Tomorrow we are off.

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