Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Julie Day-3

During breakfast this morning a random dog (german sheppard) showed up to dine with us. He startled me as he showed up behind Jeff from behind a tree. Jeff turned around and woke up all the boaters when he screamed...chuckle chuckle...poor guy doesnt like strange dogs!

On the water and into the wind by 10:15. We have Buckhorn, showers and a bed on he brain so we are determined do in 1 day...what we just took 2 days to complete.
7 hrs later, after 3 breaks, 26k and fighting some tough waves we landed back in Port Severn. Paddled right up to a restaurant on the water and ordered ourselves dinner and drinks while we waited for Jeff's mom to come pick us up. She is always there for us...thank you Betty! Xoxo

Packed the car and we were on our way to Buckhorn by 730pm. Arrived @ Oak Bay (my brothers resort) by 10pm...shower, laundry, and a bed! What a fantastic night!

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